About Us

Sangre Grande Educational Institute was founded, established and named by the ever persevering Mr. R. Edwards, in April 1993. This school have since been an integral part of education in the community of Sangre Grande.

In the beginning years, although it was not full established as a full time school, accommodation was made for students to prepare for their CSEC examinations via part time classes.  The school was firstly located upstairs the Mario’s (present) building, and then relocated for a short period of time to #10 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande, upstairs Courts. Due to the second location, the school got its recognition and title “upstairs courts”. As achievements elevated, the “upstairs Courts” school became more well known, and many persons became interested in attending said school. As a result, the student body increased quite a lot, allowing the school’s management to further relocate to #11 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande (next to Courts), where it permanently stands.

Over the past twenty five (25) years, Sangre Grande Educational Institute have been commended on their excellent pass rate, which has produced very prominent, respectable and hardworking members of society.

Our principal

(SGEI founder) Our Principal Mr. Rodney Edwards.

Mr. Rodney Edwards

Our Motto

Ever in pursuit of excellence

SGEI is well known for its excellent teachers. The time and effort put towards the students is very crucial. Our school focuses on cultivating outstanding future leaders and our main aim is to guide our students along the right path throughout life. Education is extremely important, and we are here to mould our students academically, emotionally and socially. Here at SGEI, we are more than a school, we are a family.

Our Rules and Regulations